Most of the food, especially of the savory variety, is stuff you could get at local restaurants outside the center for at least a third of the price at the markets. Whether you’re looking for a short trip, a long weekend or slowing down and making a holiday of it, there’s something for everyone amongst our fantastic selection of Christmas market holidays. 11 days from $7,995 per person Limited to 18 guests See Details Less crowded than the center and a bit more family-oriented, the Christmas market at Jiřího z Poděbrad also hosts a regular program of events, including concerts, theater performances, workshops for kids, celebrations, caroling, and even some creative workshops where you get to create your own Christmas decorations. Not to mention, the city of Dresden is beautiful under a soft blanket of snow and lit up with lights and holiday cheer. So without further ado here is all you need to know about Prague X-mas markets!! Turns out, if you read the fine print, the 45 Kč is for 100 grams of food, and they’ve loaded your plate with 400 grams of soggy meat and potatoes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Obviously you shouldn’t miss the big ones in the center, but we would recommend spending most of your time at some of Prague’s smaller Christmas markets. It also features a nativity crib contest, where people can decorate nativity cribs and they are shown to market-goers during a procession. The capital city of the Czech Republic is a red hot tourist destinat... Quick, name one of the many interesting cities in the Czech Republic! Although, Covid or not, Christmas is here, the fun of fairs and markets … December in Prague is truly one of the best seasons for food in this city. Prague Parks Guide – The Most Beautiful Parks in Prague, The BEST Hostels in Brno Czech Republic – An Expert Guide, The Best Day Trips from Vienna – Exploring Austria, Things to Do in Olomouc Czech Republic – Day Trips from Prague, Things to Do in Cesky Krumlov on a Day Trip From Prague, 10 Great Places to Drink Delicious Beer in Prague, The UNESCO Sites of Vysočina – Day Trips from Prague, Things to Do in Karlovy Vary – Day Trips from Prague, Things to Do in Pilsen Czech Republic – Day Trips from Prague. Prague is beautiful all year round, but during the winter it transforms into a specia... We are often asked what the weather in Prague is like. Christmas Markets with Prague 2021 includes accommodation, an expert guide, meals, transport and more. One of those that do is a visit to a Christmas market (German: Weihnachtsmarkt) in Vienna. While the Czech Republic isn’t necessarily a religious country, they are indeed a traditional people and they sure know how to get into the Christmas spirit when the season rolls around. Book now and save with! Looking for the best hotels in Prague? Usually opened with a festive procession at the start of the Advent season, it includes markets, Christmas workshops, live music, and more. The biggest and best drapes the Old Town Square, where the hum of carols, clip-clop of hooves and steam of hot wine float through the frosty air. Visit the fairytale town of Regensburg & Viennese Christmas markets. Discover the magic of Christmas on our Danube Christmas Markets with Prague tour. Because it’s a bit more isolated and you’ll have to go through a security line to get into the Prague Castle complex, it’s also a bit less crowded than the central markets. You can still get the basics: wooden toys, jewelry, glass figurines and Christmas decorations, as well as some delicious food and warm drinks to enjoy while you browse. If you get to Prague on 2021 DEC, then also consider a day trip to Dresden markets.. some of the oldest in Europe. Like every year, tens of thousands of you have voted for the most beautiful Christmas markets to visit in 2021. No matter where you are in Central Europe during the holiday season, you’ll be able to find some Christmas markets to get you in the holiday spirit. But we’re going to help you try! 11 of the Best Museums in Prague & How to Visit For Free! It’s got a lot of extras that the smaller markets simply don’t have. A lot of Czechs go to Dresden to do their shopping, so do as the Czechs do and check it out! What is the Czech Republic world-renowned for... Prague is a dream city. Because of the location, this also tends to be the most crowded market, so be sure to utilize those tricks and tips we gave you for this one, and keep your bags close! Christmas Markets from Berlin to Prague–December 3-14, 2021. Looking for the best Christmas Markets in Europe? P... Across the Vltava river from Staré Město (Old Town) is the beautiful district of Malá Strana, Prague. Christmas Market breaks 2020. The German city of Cologne is home to 7 wonderful Christmas markets, each offering something different, in November and December. It’s simply overflowing with history, architecture; and friendly people. Deciding which neighborhood... Are you looking to explore the Christmas markets of Germany in 2021? The Christmas Market is held on Vorosmarty Square which is known as the most beautiful square in the city.